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Lompoc, CA – Longoria Wines, founded in 1982, was established by Rick Longoria with the vision of producing artisanal wines from the most prestigious vineyards throughout Santa Barbara County.

Rick and his wife Diana dedicated their lives to the winery and earlier this year handed over the reins to Brooke and Lindsey Christian, with the vision of Longoria continuing the tradition of being family-owned & operated and entirely dedicated to quality. Brooke and Lindsey Christian hail originally from Florida and Seattle, respectively, but have spent the past several decades in Washington, DC. Having gotten married nearly ten years ago in Santa Barbara, the Central Coast and its wines have always held a special place in their hearts. So when the chance to step into an institution like Longoria came about, it felt almost too good to be true. Their combined experience in hospitality, events, and passion for the region with its many wines of place and purpose has driven and prepared them to be the new stewards of Longoria.

The Longoria tasting room located in Lompoc, CA, originally a farmhouse built in 1913, later a club for a local diatomaceous earth mining operation, known as the JM Club, and lovingly remodeled by the Longorias many years ago, has always been known to comfortably welcome guests. Looking to continue to care for this nearly 110-year-old farmhouse, the Christians knew their inspiration would come from just that. The contemporary farmhouse was designed to create an inviting space where guests can commune with friends and family and feel right at home. Offering all new tasting experiences, Brooke and Lindsey hope to share the Longoria wines with you in a whole new way.

Brooke shares, “With a tradition of 40 years of artistry in winemaking, we want to ensure the hospitality we offer helps showcase our wines. We are excited to be able to offer an elevated experience when tasting our wines and visiting Lompoc.”


Longoria Wines is an artisanal family winery established in 1982 by Rick and Diana Longoria. Rick’s decision to start his own wine label was born out of a desire to produce Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Rick sensed those two varietals were poised to become the signature varietals for the new Santa Barbara County wine region, and he wanted to become a part of this new movement.

Longoria Wines was a part-time business during Rick’s employment as winemaker for J. Carey Cellars in Solvang and then, from 1985 to 1996, as winemaker at The Gainey Vineyard in Santa Ynez. In 1997, Rick and Diana gave up steady employment to devote full energies to their winery business. In May 1998, they opened the doors to their own tasting room in one of the oldest buildings in downtown Los Olivos. In December 1998, Rick moved his winery operation into a 5,400 sq. ft. industrial building, in what is now affectionately called the Lompoc Wine Ghetto. Longoria was the first winery established in the city of Lompoc. In 2014, Rick & Diana moved Longoria Wines into their brand new winery on the site of Lompoc’s historic JM Club and moved the tasting room into the renovated former clubhouse.

Rick states “From the very beginning of my career I felt that the Santa Barbara wine region had the potential to produce world-class wines and it’s been very gratifying to see that belief realized over the more than 40 years I’ve been here. It’s also been very rewarding to have had the good fortune over the years to have some of my wines contribute to the acclaim of our wine region.”

Over the years Rick has experimented with many different vineyard sources and grape varietals and has added more wines to his portfolio. Rick’s pursuit of excellence requires the production of his wines to remain small even after more than 36 years in business. Longoria wines are handcrafted in very small quantities ranging from 25 to 500 cases. Total annual production currently averages 2,000 cases.