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My winemaking philosophy which I developed early on in my career is based on the concept that wine is a natural food. As such, the ultimate enjoyment of wine is as a graceful and harmonious accompaniment to a meal, whether it be simple or sublime.

While most of my wines are enjoyable by themselves, it is with food that they really shine, and reveal all of their nuances and textures. To me the best wines have the ability to bring out the best in the food they are paired with and conversely the food brings out the best in the wines.

2004 Evidence
Santa Barbara County

2004 Evidence

Technical Details

61% Cabernet Franc
16% Merlot
12% Cabernet Sauvignon
11% Malbec

Vineyard Sources:
Purisima Mountain

Production: 198 cases
Alcohol by volume: 14.3%
pH: 3.44
Titratable acidity: 0.72 g/100 ml.

We are very excited to release our third bottling of Evidence. For the first time, the blend is composed of four of the classic Bordeaux grape varietals. Cabernet Franc remains as the predominant grape in the blend. The Merlot brings a racy, tannic component to the blend, while the Malbec contributes floral aromas, and the Cabernet Sauvignon adds rich tobacco and cedar flavors.

The color of the wine is a brilliant dark ruby red. The nose of the wine exhibits aromas of plums and black cherries with a hint of cherry tobacco and menthol. On the palate the wine is rich, with flavors similar to the aromas accented with vanillin. At this early state of the wines’ development, the strong tannins and moderate acidity combine to close in on the flavors and create a very long lingering finish. This wine needs to be decanted for an hour or more to allow it to open up before serving. At the moment, the wine is showing its refinement and complexity, but is also showing its youthful brashness. Much of this can be tamed with the appropriate food pairing, such as rosemary infused lamb. This wine will be most enjoyable with at least five years of cellaring. I expect it to reach a peak of development in eight to twelve years and perhaps longer.

Rick Longoria, Winemaker
November, 2006

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